MNS Consultancy 

Helping Startups with The Steps to Fulfill Their Purpose

MNS Consultancy
MNS Consultancy is a dynamic and purpose-driven consultancy business founded by Michelle N. Samuel. We provide individuals, particularly social entrepreneurs, transparent and consistent support, by employing a strategic approach, focused on knowledge sharing. We leverage Michelle's expertise and extensive network,  to provide tailored guidance from ideation to startup stage.
Born on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia in the Western Hemisphere, Michelle N. Samuel is a woman of faith with a slew of professional accolades. She is;
* The Startup Specialist & Skills Consultant at MNS Consultancy
* A Global Startup Mentor at the Global Entrepreneurship Network
* The founder & president of SLUDTERA
* Endorsed by international agencies and world renowned experts, and
* A Global award-nominated Ecosystem Champion
Michelle has more than a decade of experience, helping individuals realize and launch their ventures, and works alongside others to empower the entrepreneurial minds of potential changemakers.
  • Castries, Saint Lucia

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