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Michelle has worked with Penny Pinch, Algas Organics, Joshua Esnard inventor of The Cut Buddy, Belize Virtual Center, KL Productions-The Band, Jeff Hoffman, and other professional Entrepreneurs. Michelle serves as a Global Startup Mentor with the Global Entrepreneurship Network, An Advisory Board Council Member at 3 Day Startup, an Eastern Caribbean Leader for U.S. Embassy programs and initiatives, and the catalyst behind what is now Entrepreneurship World Cup Caribbean. She has been featured in the 2018 Yello St. Lucia Telephone Directory, local, regional and international publications, and was invited by the late Queen Elizabeth to Buckingham Palace to attend the award ceremony for the Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition as one of the most influential Essay Judges in the Caribbean region.

Michelle is known to be an inspirational and tenacious Entrepreneur who uses the metaphor of a moth to help individuals. She is a graduate of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College with Advanced Levels in Business Administration, and English Literature. She holds a 1st Degree in French (Oral & Practical) from Alliance Française, a Certificate in Digital & Creative Entrepreneurship from Upskilling Academy Jennes, Certificate in Training of the Trainers from 3 Day Startup, and is currently completing Certificates in Principles of Financial Accounting with IESE Business School, Fundamentals of Project Planning & Management with University of Virginia Darden School of Business, Firm Level Economics: Markets and Allocations, and Consumer and Producer Behavior with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Introduction to Web Development with University of California, US Davis.

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