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Greetings & Salutations,

My name is Michelle N. Samuel and I am a woman of faith, a devoted mother, and an advocate for change. I grew up in a single-parent home raised by my mother, a skilled and educated teacher of over forty-two years.

Growing up into adulthood, I constantly saw things that needed to be mended, fixed, adjusted, and changed. I am not a woman who would stand idly by, and see someone fail, while others simply stood around muttering under bated breath awaiting disaster. There was always a compel to do more.

As an Entrepreneur, my quest for wanting to evoke change didn’t waver. In 2017 with the strength the Lord provided, I founded SLUDTERA, a platform of programs and initiatives that source, connect and empower youth, the unemployed, and Entrepreneurs through education, training and entrepreneurship. What did I see that needed to change? The high unemployment rate, particularly among young people, the unemployed, and Entrepreneurs, and I grew tired of hearing the everyday cry, "St. Lucia doesn't have anything for people, no opportunities, no growth, nothing!" My experience in the 2017 Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative proved that this was in fact untrue, and I returned to St. Lucia in November of 2017 with a fire in my bones to change that narrative. I was also on a mission, to let these individuals know that they were not alone, and by God’s grace and with their trust in Him, they could make a change in their lives.
I can translate the motivation for what I do like this...

Imagine a moth living its life thinking that the light bulb it’s hovering around is the furthest it can get, only to discover how vastly unexplored its surroundings have been, and that the world’s biggest light-source is the sun. So in an ambitious effort of guts and grit, with faith, it ventures out to learn all it can in order to come back to the other moths desperately trying to get a turn to hover around the light bulb.

I help individuals who aspire to become Entrepreneurs, individuals with startups who need direction and guidance, and I particularly have a passion for working with social entrepreneurs, to help them with the steps to fulfilling their purpose by God's grace.

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